Chromedog and Crew

Zenith, Ghostdog, Anvil


Alix uncovers a good bit more info. The runner team had a decent enough rep, generally did their job, and didn’t shoot too many people. About as good as you could ask for. Chrome dog himself was a dwarf, originally out of the NaN, and he did some shooting and a bit of decking on the side. His compatriots were Zenith, an ork woman who apparently was some sort of awakened, Ghost Dog, Chrome Dog’s adopted sister, who nobody’s really sure about. She’s a human, elf, or ork, but apart from being about average metahuman size, there isn’t much on her. Anvil’s a troll. He doesn’t do much to dispel the usual stererotypes about trolls, and apparently had a good few implants hidden under his tough hide.


Chromedog and Crew

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